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October 1, 2017

Recent buys

Things I have recently spent money on that cost more than $10 and not food (which is where most of my income actually goes).

The perfect chambray shirt from Levis. I was really disliking the one I already owned, and had been looking for a replacement for a few months. I nabbed it on sale at Myer (for 50% off) after stalking it online for a few weeks. It's 100% Tencel (lyocell) which I thought would be too smooth and drapey (like rayon), but it actually feels quite substantial - kind of like very worn in denim. I'm super pleased with it.

Some prints I bought on my trip - the left from a children's store in Szentendre, Hungary, and the right a Degas print from the Hermitage in St Petersburg. I'm moving out soon, hence the sudden interest in wall decorations.

A belt from Urban Outfitters in Edinburgh. I'd been looking for a black leather jean belt with a brass buckle for ages, and I finally managed to find the exact one I was envisioning. Funnily enough I haven't even worn it out yet. Maybe I didn't need it as much as I thought. Oops.

The most expensive of all - a new stethoscope, which was $300. I'd "lost" my old one, which had been the cheapest in the range, so I jumped on the excuse to get a better one. My old steth ended up finding its way back to me, but this one was so worth it. I can actually hear breath sounds and murmurs properly now. I'm basic, so I got it in all black (the one people get to feel cool but in reality every second person has it) with my name engraved.

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