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October 9, 2017


The main reason we had Vienna on our itinerary was that it was close to Budapest, and we'd never been, so why not. Again, having no expectations, I was surprised at how much I liked it. It's a lovely city - very refined, yet still laid back. It was also nice to return to a Latin alphabet, despite having about ten words of German between the two of us. And here, I finally realised what a summer tourist crowd means in Europe. Russia had about the same number of tourists as western Europe has in the winter - but here, it was so crowded we could barely move in the Old Town.

At the base of St Stephen's Cathedral in the old city centre.

KunstHausWien, a museum designed by and housing works by Hundertwasser, an Austrian artist and architect. We didn't go inside the museum, but admired it from the outside (and used its toilets).

Almdudler, my favourite soft drink in the world! It's like a herbal lemonade. I had about a litre of this per day (gotta stay hydrated).

Hundertwasserhaus, an apartment block designed by Hundertwasser. How awesome is it? It's still used as a residence.

The sink inside the souvenir shop.

A pre-dinner snack of the famous Sacher torte at Hotel Sacher. It's pretty much a chocolate sponge cake with a layer of marmalade inside and icing on top.

In the old town.

A wienerschnitzel at the famous Figlmuller. We shared. It was good, but you guys probably know I'll eat and enjoy anything that's crumbed and fried.

The lobby inside the Kunsthstorisches Museum, which is the fine arts museum. That's a painting by Klimt.

Mumok, the contemporary art museum, was housed in a cool building but I didn't particularly like anything inside.

More pastries, at Cafe Central.

A view from the window at Belvedere Palace, which houses a lot of Klimt's works, including the kiss.

Inside the Leopold Museum, which also has a lot of Klimt as well as the works of Egon Schiele, who I'd never heard of before. This is one of his selfies, I mean self portraits, which I liked.

The Rathaus, where there were food stalls for the film festival.

More cake! At Cafe Landtmann. We were outta control.

One more strudel at Cafe Demel on our last afternoon.

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