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November 27, 2017


Please accept this post about Budapest from my trip in August while I try and get my life together.

One of the cities we were most looking forward to on our trip was Budapest. It's really exploded in popularity in the last few years, hasn't it! I was kind of imaging a quaint, small town based on people's pictures, but it's quite a big bustling city. It's divided into two by the river Danube, with Buda on the western side and Pest on the other. Buda is where the castle is, but Pest is the commercial centre and where we stayed and hung out. Budapest does have a bit of a party town feel, but there are still lots of cultural and historical points of interest.

On our first afternoon, we did a walking tour which ended at the Fisherman's Bastion on the Buda side of the river, which has a great view over the city.

Matthias Church.

A fancy brunch. Budapest is filled with lots of trendy places to eat, I guess aimed at the tourist market.

Walking across Elizabeth Bridge, I think, and you can see the Chain Bridge.

Gellert Hill, and the Saint Gellert Monument.

A hard and sweaty climb up, but worth it.

If you keep going up, you reach the Citadel, which has a great view over the river as well.

We decided to walk across to the Fisherman's Bastion from here, although it seemed that most people caught buses from there.

It was a nice walk - a bit surburban, very swank.

The funicular up to Fisherman's Bastion. This was actually the funicular in The Grand Budapest Hotel!

We then caught the metro to the other side of town. We wandered through a park and came across this castle, which after some googling we worked out is Vajdahunyad Castle.

It wasn't ever used as a castle - it was actually built in 1896 for an exhibition, and is a copy of a couple of famous Hungarian buildings.

I was really digging this corner of it. The vines are so my aesthetic.

Szchenyi Baths. As you probably already know, Budapest is famous for its spa baths and this one is probably the most popular. We spent an afternoon there. It was okay... to be honest it's like a really big swimming pool complex? And the water was really warm. I get that they're thermal baths and medicinal but it wasn't soothing in the heat.

Langos, a Hungarian dish which is fried dough, sour cream, and other toppings. It was great for the first few bites but then got a bit much.

Ruin pubs are another draw of Budapest. They're bars set up in disused industrial and other spaces, mostly in the Jewish Quarter.

They've all got really awesome decor. The first one, Szimpla, is one of the most famous - and we were staying across the street! We pretty much went every night.

Central Market Hall, which is a food market downstairs and souvenirs upstairs.

Liberty bridge, which I loved the colour of.

Fisherman's Bastion from across the river.

Shoes on the Danube, the very sobering memorial of victims of World War II who were shot into the river.

Street art in the Jewish Quarter.

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