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December 30, 2017

December 24, 2017

Mac and cheese and wine

A shot of our food at mac and cheese and wine night at mine the other day. The stovetop mac and cheese turned out really well, mostly because YY came over and cooked it. We topped it with toasted bread crumbs, which was a genius idea on her part! Afterwards, we watched A Christmas Prince, which really is so-bad-it's-good; I'd recommend it for some light holiday watching with friends.

Hope everyone's having a good holiday season! This is actually the first Christmas I've spent in Sydney in six years, because I no longer have summer off to travel. I'm actually working through Christmas (someone has to) but I don't mind too much - I'm a total grinch anyway!

December 20, 2017

Last of the spring

Some work outfit posts from last month which I only just got around to editing. I only just realised how close to the camera I'm standing - apologies, no one should have to get that good a look at my face.

December 17, 2017

Danube Bend

On our last day in Budapest back in September, we did a day tour to the Danube Bend, which is a region of Hungary where, yes, the Danube River bends. We thought it would be a nice easy way to see a bit of Hungary outside of Budapest.

December 14, 2017

Wednesday off

I had a day off yesterday. I'm currently working in the Emergency Department so my schedule is a bit all over the place - I'm working most weekends and have random days off during the week.

December 6, 2017

Sip my ocean

I had a day off yesterday and went to see Pipilotti Rist's Sip My Ocean exhibit at the MCA. It was pretty enjoyable - lots of immersive light based exhibits.