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December 14, 2017

Wednesday off

I had a day off yesterday. I'm currently working in the Emergency Department so my schedule is a bit all over the place - I'm working most weekends and have random days off during the week.

Started the morning with scrambled eggs on toast.

Then I went to the grocery store. I got this IKEA carrier bag cause I was having trouble getting up to my apartment carrying my groceries with two hands. Also because I was a bit horrified to see how many plastic bags I amassed after only a couple of shops.

I was a bit sweaty after I got home so ate some frozen grapes. No one ask me why they're all bruised. They were a normal colour when they went into the freezer.

Then I did a bit a bit of prep of the vegetables I'd bought. Can I just say that my salad spinner is the best thing I've bought so far?

I also managed to cook some chicken and have it turn out edible, so ate chicken salad for lunch.

After doing a bit of cleaning, I lounged on the couch a read for a few hours. I'd forgotten how good a book Dracula is.

I was having friends over for dinner, so I cooked beans for nachos. Not photogenic, but they taste good!.

They went down pretty well, despite my friends' (understandable) initial trepidation. Finally, a culinary win! We then drank wine, ate ice cream, and watched Bridget Jones.

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