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February 14, 2018


I was in Melbourne for a few days last week for an intensive care course at one of the hospitals down there. I only managed to squeeze it in - I left the same morning I finished up a night shift, and returned the same afternoon I was starting another - so I didn’t have much time to explore. I’ve been to Melbourne before, but not recently, and like I’ve said in the past it’s my city equivalent of that friend of a friend you always see by chance and really like, but never hang out with properly. For anyone who’s not been, it’s pretty much Sydney’s nicer, cooler younger sister.

The first afternoon I went straight from the airport to the NGV to check out the Triennale exhibition, because I wasn’t going to have another chance to do so.

I wasn't the biggest fan of the works there, to be honest, except for...

This one. Of course, I’m super predictable. It’s like a massive 3D Dutch still life.

The way they presented it too - you first walk though this adjoining room and you see the skulls filling up the doorway. That room is totally my aesthetic too, I mean...

Then I did a quick walk through part of the CBD nearby.

After catching the train to the Airbnb and offloading my things, I had dinner nearby at Ladro Tap.

Then I walked around the neighbourhood a bit. I was staying in Prahran, near Chapel St, which I would say is the Melbourne equivalent of King St in Newtown.

The next day was mostly all spent at the hospital, but afterwards I had dinner on Chapel St at this pasta restaurant called Sauced. I picked it cause they had aglio e olio on their menu, and usually a place has to be pretty confident about their pasta to do something so simple. Unfortunately the pasta was super overcooked.

The next morning I had a quick breakfast at Tall Timber, which someone I met at the course recommended. A+ coffee.

After the course, I took the tram down to St Kilda. It was a bloody hot day, so it was crowded, but I didn’t have my swimmers.

Went to say hello to the famous fairy penguins, but only found this one hiding under a rock (where I would be too, in that heat).

On my last morning, I had breakfast at Higher Ground. This is a hot cake, in case you can’t tell, and it was massive and too sweet for me on my own. I only finished about half! Coffee was solid, though.

After a quick stroll around the area (nothing much), I took the bus to the airport.

Even though I spent most of my time in Melbourne in a lecture room trying to understand respiratory physiology and ventilator settings, I really really needed this. I’ve been feeling burnt out this summer and just being in a different place has made me feel so much better. Walking down an unfamiliar street is one of my favourite feelings in the world, and I’d not done that in way too long!

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