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March 14, 2018


This is a scheduled post - I'm currently travelling!

I realised I never ended up posting about Edinburgh, which was the last stop on my Europe trip last year. It sounds like the most random destination to choose after going to Moscow, St Petersburg, Vienna and Budapest, but I'd signed up for a surgical skills course there (medical courses in the UK are equivalent to those in Australia but somehow much cheaper). I'd been there a few years before, but the weather had been absolutely terrible that time so I was happy to revisit.

I absolutely love Edinburgh's Old Town, especially when you look across from Princes St.

On my first day, I walked to Dean Village.

It's this amazingly picturesque village tucked away really close to New Town.

I walked back to the centre along the Water of Leith. This is St Bernard's Well.

Later that day, I did what any nerd would do and went for a cup of tea in the Elephant House cafe.

And to take a selfie in the restrooms.

The next two days were mostly spent at the course.

The first afternoon, I went up Calton Hill.

Arthur's Seat across town.

After the second day of the course, I walked around the old town in the nice weather.

Following a tour group to find this view.

Victoria St.

I'd run out of things I wanted to do for my last full day, so I went on a tour to the Highlands and Loch Ness.

Loch Ness kind of reminded me of Milford Sound in NZ.

It's some beautiful scenery which deserves more than just a day trip, I think.

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