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April 29, 2018

Wearing and eating

Some shots off my phone from the last two months or so.

All black for brunch.

Another outfit for I don't know what, brunch again probably.

Shopping in London.

DIY project when I got back - framing the Degas print I got from the Hermitage last year. I sprayed the frame gold and cut the canvas down to size.

What I wore for a night shift, with unassembled IKEA items behind me.

Breakfast at the Grounds in the City; I had the bacon and egg roll and it was surprisingly good.

Turned 25 and had a birthday party, and ended up with some new books to read and more wine than I should drink.

Doing an online cardiac life support course; sneak peek of the rug I got in Morocco (and carried all the way home in my hand luggage) in the background.


Ordering in.

Chicken and waffles at Paramount Coffee - it was disappointing.

Welcome return of coat weather! For buying a replacement breton top in Muji and sheets in H&M that I might end up returning.

I feel like I've not talked about what's going on in real time for ages! I started a new rotation two weeks ago, so I've been busy trying to get the hang of things. Other than that I've been decorating my place, refining my cooking skills and trying to get back into running. And today, spending my time on my couch feeling sorry for myself cause I'm feeling a bit sick, and eating half a pack of chocolate cream biscuits to console myself.

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