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May 15, 2018

21st Biennale: Cockatoo Island and MCA

It's a Biennale year again! The Sunday before the last (when it was still warm and sunny) I went to check out Cockatoo Island and the MCA.

You can now get a ferry from Barangaroo, which takes you there directly in about ten minutes, as opposed to bouncing around the harbour for twenty on the ferries from Circular Quay.

Enjoying my coffee and doughnut from Short Stop on the way there.

I love love love Cockatoo Island as an exhibition venue. For those who don't know, it's the largest island in Sydney Harbour, a former ship yard which has been more or less left as is.

This installation was really cool - a printer in the rafters spat out a date every 6 minutes.

Vain enough to find my birthday.

Don't know this lady but she has good taste in shoes.

This one was really bizarre and funny, a whole series of TV ads and posters and products made from the pee of people with diabetes, like Diabevodka.

This was in a series of shipping containers with mirrors doing interesting reflections as you walk through, with the theme of Icarus.

Ai Weiwei's sculpture, a massive inflatable raft full of people, a comment on the refugee crisis.

This was cool - reminded me of the craft I did in primary school, only on a larger scale.

Then I took the ferry back to Barangaroo.

Had a sausage roll form Bourke St Bakery for lunch.

After that I headed to the MCA.

I wasn't particularly into anything there, to be honest.

After which I was all art-ed out and did some shopping before going home!

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