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May 26, 2018

New (but the same)

I had to replace some old favourites in my wardrobe last month.

New t-shirt (men's) and pants, both from Uniqlo. The pants are from Uniqlo's Hana Tajima collaboration and are made from tencel, which is a material I'm liking - it's strong, has nice drape and is breathable.

Also got the white version of the t-shirt.

New breton top, this one from Muji. Feeling nostalgia for my old one, which has possibly gone on every overseas trip with me since I bought it on my first overseas trip as an adult, but it was just too faded and shapeless to serve its intended purpose anymore.

All their fraying/stained/out-of-shape predecessors have now been relegated to my pyjama drawer (anyone else here who has never owned a pair of real PJs? In my family we all just wear old clothes to bed).

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