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June 17, 2018


I was in Brisbane over last weekend with a friend, doing a radiology course. Despite the boring reason for it, a change of scenery is always fun and nice. I'd not been to Brisbane before so it was fun to explore in the time we had off.

Walking along the South Bank - it was a sunny weekend afternoon and quite lively.

Dinner at Birds Nest, a yakitori place.

Burger at Ben's Burgers - pretty good.

Bakery Lane.

Dinner at Maru, with really great Korean fried chicken.

Brunch at Billykart. I had corn fritters, which were loaded with potato, which worked really well.

On our last day, we went to see Patricia Piccini's exhibition at GOMA.

She's known for her very realistic looking sculptures that explore ideas around biotechnology.

An Anish Kapoor sculpture that reminds me of a gigantic cervix.

And that was a long weekend away!

I'm really liking the idea of mini-break trips to places in Australia. They're easy to plan and something to look forward to. I have shift work with a week-on-week-off schedule for the next few months, so might be able to sneak another one in sometime this year

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