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June 4, 2018


We left the snow topped mountains of the Middle Atlas for the dry heat of the Sahara, which was one of the things I was most looking forward to during my time in Morocco.

We drove past palm groves and villages that looked like they grew out of the rock.

Stopping by a roadside shop so some of the others could pick up scarves.

The Erg Chebbi dunes in the distance. I always thought the Sahara was all sand, but it turns out it's rocky barren terrain with dunes on top of it.

Hopped on our camels and rode into the dunes.

When we got to our camp, we started climbing the highest dune. Halfway up, I was reminded of my terror of heights and promptly had to sit my arse down.

The view from halfway up was still alright.

Our campsite down at the bottom right, where we spent the night. The stars were amazing, and we had the option of sleeping outside but it was a bit too chilly.

The next morning, we hopped back on our camels (I named mine Ice Cream).

The ride back was somewhat more painful, with our butts sore from the day before.

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