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September 24, 2018

Ait Benhaddou

I never actually finished posting about my Morocco trip in March before I slid into job-application-induced despair. So here is some more Morocco.

Our next stop after Todra Gorge was to see Ait Benhaddou. It's an amazing fortified village, famous for being a filming location for a lot of movies (such as The Mummy). We only spent one afternoon here, but I think I could've spent another day exploring it.

September 19, 2018

Some good news

Unrelated photo of when I wore my interview suit to go day drinking and my friends made fun of me.

Guess who got her dream job!

A week on, I'm still waiting for an email to tell me there was some kind of mistake, but it's starting to sink in now. Next year I'll be doing an senior resident year in critical care, which for me will involve intensive care and anaesthetics. My long term plan is to train in intensive care, so it's pretty much the perfect year.

This does mean I will be leaving my current hospital. It absolutely kills me to do so, as a lot of my friends are staying to start their physicians or surgical training, and I would've loved to see them grow. I'm also kind of (read: extremely) terrified of having to start anew. But as I like to say when I'm talking big - if it scares you, then it's more reason to do it. So it's time to walk the walk, I guess! My new hospital will be on the other side of town, but a straightforward one hour commute on the train, so I'm probably going to stay in my current apartment and see how that goes.

People who have read this blog for a while, especially those in medicine, might vaguely remember me saying that I wanted to pursue surgery at the end of medical school. I guess I liked the idea of a procedural specialty, and assisting in theatre as a student is super exciting. But when I started working as a doctor, I realised that my favourite part of medicine is when you sit down to figure something out about the patient's condition; the diagnostics and the detective work (while surgery is more about the thrill of the fix). At the same time, I didn't have any specific interest in a particular organ system or disease group, and also found myself more interested in acute conditions over chronic ones. So after a long process of elimination, I started thinking about intensive care. The medicine is acute and complex, there are a lot of different conditions, and there are enough procedures to keep me happy. And when I did ICU last term, I finally realised what it feels like to be doing something you want to do.

So it's bittersweet, but I think I've made the right decision. I'm excited that I have a career slowly emerging. Onwards!

September 12, 2018


It is now officially a spring tradition for me to visit Rookwood Cemetery to see the yearly HIDDEN sculpture exhibition. I haven't enjoyed the exhibit as much as the first one I visited two years ago, and again this year's wasn't as good as the last, but due to my baseline fascination with cemeteries (and the word "necropolis"), I'll always enjoy a sunny morning tripping over gravestones. Plus, I think the trees in Rookwood are my favourite features - you'll see what I mean.

September 9, 2018

Back from the dead

So for the almost eight (!) years I've had this blog, I don't think I've ever taken a hiatus for this long. As I mentioned in my last post before I disappeared, I've been busy doing applications and interviews for a job next year. Because of the way medical training is structured, recruitment only really happens once a year, so it's a lot of pressure and very soul crushing. But it's over now, and I'm waiting on official offers to come out on Thursday. I feel like my life has been on hold for the last two months!

H&M blazer and pants / Uniqlo shirt / Cole Haan loafers / Kikki K bag.

And this was my interview suit! After about two years of looking for one, including in other countries, and being prepared to pay hundreds of dollars, I found mine in bloody H&M Sydney. It is synthetic, but the best-fitting one I managed to find on time. The shirt is my silk Uniqlo one, which is a tiny bit sheer but fine with a nude bra and jacket over the top. The suit made me feel like a boss, not gonna lie. I think I'm going to have to wear it everywhere from now on.