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December 23, 2018

Art this year

I was going through my posts putting together a 2018 recap, and realised I went to a fair few art museums/exhibitions this year, most of the photos from which I buried in my miscellaneous posts. I thought it would be nice to recap them in in a separate post because there were a few I quite enjoyed!

Dutch Golden Age exhibit at AGNSW. I love still life, skulls, and flowers, so it was definitely one I liked.

Triennale at NGV in Melbourne, where there was a room full of giant 3D printed skulls.

The Courtauld Gallery while in London houses mainly Impressionist paintings, which I've decided is my favourite. Also a shout out to the Impressionists in London exhibit I also saw at the Tate Britain, where photos weren't allowed - I still regret not buying a print of Monet's Leicester Square at Night.

Patricia Piccini exhibit at GOMA in Brisbane, I'm not sure if her work is my kinda thing...

John Russell exhibition at AGNSW. He was an Australian Impressionist painter - and painted Van Gogh himself.

Masters of Modern Art at AGNSW right now - an exhibit of paintings from the Hermitage! Definitely check it out if you have the chance.

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