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December 21, 2018

The Hook Up Plan

The Hook Up Plan is a French Netflix romcom series that came out the other week. It's about a Parisian woman, Elsa, whose friends secretly set her up with an escort to help her get over her ex. It's a really fun watch, the characters are quite likeable, and I really really enjoyed Elsa's outfits.

I really appreciate it when female characters in TV and movies repeat outfits and clothing items. It's obviously more realistic, and if I like the style it gives me good ideas on how to remix things. Elsa basically wears two different pairs of jeans and two different coats through the whole show. I am now very inspired to wear button downs with blue jeans more often, and kind of really want a black velvet blazer and camel jumper (I'll have to think on these). It looks like her shoes might be Doc Martens brogues, which makes me sad; I love low Docs, but when I try them on they make my already proportionally-large feet look ridiculous.

What shows or movies have you guys watched where you really liked the fashion? For me, Keira Knightley's wardrobe in Begin Again is good summer outfit inspiration, and watching Stoker inspired me to buy saddle shoes.

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