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January 12, 2019

New in recently

Some new things I have bought over the last few months.

I got myself a new bag in the sales, it's the mini Signet from J. Crew and I love it! I'm not much of a bag fiend (the last bag I bought myself was in 2014) but I'd been wanting a small cross-body bag that matches my tan sandals. It's big enough for my wallet, phone, and keys, and I can squeeze my Kindle in as well if I really wanted to.

I added a pilea to my plant collection but it's not doing that well - the leaves are all curling and I don't know why. I tried more light and less water but that made it look even sadder. I think it might be the hot weather we're having, which can't be helped much. It's still putting out new leaves quickly though, I guess that's a good sign?

A new mug from H&M home. I quickly realised why large mugs aren't usually shaped like that, it's not very ergonomic.

New top and jeans from Uniqlo. The top is rayon, which they've changed to make it less wrinkle-prone, and I love it. I'm considering buying it in black. These boyfriend jeans I've been wanting for years, I finally bit the bullet and have been wearing them all the time!

Added to my work wardrobe in the spring - a boxy top, from Uniqlo again.

My eight year old Macbook Pro was finally brought to its knees by a few drops of water (that dripped off a carton of ice cream, no less) on the trackpad. I replaced it with this Windows Surface Laptop which I got for a good price in the Black Friday sales. I really enjoy using it, and the all black looks pretty nice. I considered going with another Macbook again but I wasn't so committed to Apple that I could justify the price.

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