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January 21, 2019

Thursday and Friday

Thursday and Friday were my days off last week, this is what they looked like.

I try to wake up early on my days off to make the most of them. I was more or less woken up by the heat on Thursday. This is what my living room looked like - I'd yet to unwrap my new chair.

Had coffee and bacon and cheese on toast. Recently discovered what may be my favourite life hack - bacon freezes pretty well! So now I can cook up a big batch in the oven, freeze, and just microwave covered for about 20 seconds when I want it for pretty good bacon. Minimal mess!

Went to the grocery store before it got too hot, in an outfit that made me look like Jessica from Fresh Off the Boat.

Read in the sunwith some frozen grapes for a while when I got home.

Then I did a stair workout, which just involved me going up and down my building's fire stairs (I live on the seventh floor) for half an hour. It's been too hot to run outside and I don't have a gym membership. I've decided I'm going to make use of the stairs a lot more to get strong for possible hiking trips later this year.

Lunch - a kind of fish taco with supermarket frozen fish and my fish taco sauce (basically mayo, ketchup, lime juice, chilli powder and coriander).

Then sat down and studied for a few hours.

When I was sick of that, I took the train into the city and shopped around for a bit, with my favourite Breadtop snack - a curry hashbrown bun.

A sweaty walk up George St to meet up with Wai Lam at her building.

Happy hour drinks and early dinner at El Camino in The Rocks, home of Sydney's most dangerous margarita (in my opinion).

Then went to this exhibition which was showing Dali sculptures alongside paintings by Charles Billich, and Australian painter.

Walked around the Harbour afterwards.

Friday morning started with some muesli.

Tried another top with these shorts, looking decidedly less mum-ish.

Went to IKEA - my new thing to get is their chicken meatballs at the snack stand.

I bought a rug and some extra stools. I feel like the ultimate #independentwoman when I'm in IKEA hauling large pieces of furniture or home decor around because I hadn't had the foresight to grab a trolley...

After a flurry of unwrapping things and struggling to get the rug under the legs of my sofa on my own, this is how my living room looks now. I'd been thinking of getting a bigger rug to put under my Moroccan kilim for a while now, because on its own it was too small to properly define the area and wasn't very cosy to sit on. I debated a while on what kind of rug to get but settled on this cream high pile one (with some last minute Whatsapp advice from Wai Lam) which I think works well. My decision was vindicated later that night when my laptop fell off the sofa arm right onto the rug, which cushioned its fall, so it was definitely fate. I'm still looking for a coffee table and might get some floor cushions to finish the area off.

Then had a snack and watched some Netflix (currently trying out a Taiwanese teen drama called Attention, Love - will let you guys know how it is).

When I got sick of the scenery I upped and moved to the city again and did a bit of study in My Sweet Memory.

Then caught up with Deb, and after a quick dinner we went to the Maritime museum for Murder at Sea! It was an interactive murder mystery on the ship they have there, titled the HMAS Vampire for the night.

There was basically a group of us, and we were lead around the ship to do various problem solving activities to solve the murder scenario.

It was heaps of fun, we are now going to try and do an escape room together.

Some tea to finish off the night.

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