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Lake Wanaka, on New Zealand's South Island.

About me
I'm Jane. I'm a junior doctor from Sydney, Australia. When I'm not working, I enjoy discussing feminism and other political issues over hot chocolate, food that's bad for me, reading in the sun, and tending to my houseplants. I love travelling, even though it stresses me out, and I'm always planning my next trip away.

This blog
My life is actually pretty boring, but I post about fun bits here, basically everything from food to clothes to ramblings that I think are interesting but probably aren't. If you're new to this blog, my favourite posts are in the Sydney tag and my travel posts. You can also check out the categories page for an idea of what I post about.

Find me
In real life, you can find me walking around the streets of Sydney, probably with a scowl on my face. Online, you can also find me on Pinterest. If you've got any questions/comments/complaints, you can email me.